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Clark Patton – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

                 Founder of Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy

Clark Patton Hypnotherapy

Clark has received extensive training from The Tracker School in New Jersey, The Wilderness Awareness School in Washington, and the PAST Skills Wilderness School in Bozeman, MT. He received his B.A. in Environmental Studies from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. His passions have led him into the studies of primitive skills, native philosophy, and the practical applications of these skills in modern society.


Over the years, he worked for the non-profit Cottonwood Institute teaching survival skills to groups of all ages. His commitment: drawing students deeper into the mystery of the outdoors and connecting them with their natural environment. More recently, Clark worked in wilderness therapy at the School of Urban and Wilderness Survival (SUWS). As a head field instructor, he led groups of teens that were dealing with addiction and behavioral issues. For two weeks at a time he lived with these groups day in, and day out, sleeping on the ground, teaching survival skills, trekking great distances, carrying out therapeutic objectives, and inspiring teens to take on a new direction in life. Affected by the tremendous progress he saw in wilderness therapy, Clark was motivated to seek out the most effective healing methods he could find. His search led him to the Hypnotism Center of Western Montana, a school accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). He undertook the intensive hypnotherapy training program and internship taught by Roberta Swartz. The background in wilderness training and prior therapeutic experience proved to be an immense advantage for becoming a clinical hypnotherapist.


Clark is constantly amazed with the speed and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. It is a transformative process, and exciting to be a part of people’s lives in a meaningful, positive way. He approaches each client with acceptance and optimism, while tailoring the therapeutic style to fit each individual. His unique background gives clients immediate, practical tools for permanently improving their lives.


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