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A Typical Session

A session begins with an interview where the therapist and client work together to determine specific problems, goals, and background information.  The practice of hypnotherapy is highly customized to each individual and works to emphasize the client’s strengths while resolving limiting beliefs.  Hypnosis is used to enter into a state of profound relaxation, which then gives access to the subconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy is composed of both an analytical approach that looks at underlying cause and effect, and a direct behavioral approach to change unwanted patterns.  This method of therapy is much more effective than dealing with the conscious mind alone.  The conscious mind tends to be resistant and over-analytical, whereas the subconscious takes suggestions literally and integrates them using the full potential of the mind.


Hypnotherapy sessions are 100% safe and the client remains in control of their mind and body at all times.  All sessions are confidential and are 90 minutes in length.  Hypnotherapy is most effective with 1 week in-between sessions. 


Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective used in collaboration with medical and psychological treatment.  We can work in coordination with a doctor or health practitioner to provide assistance in dealing with pain management, stress related illness, and psychological issues.




Safety:  There has never been a case of a person being harmed by entering hypnosis.


Ability:  As long as you’re willing and able to follow instructions of the hypnotherapist, hypnosis is possible for you.





~ Individual: $130 for 90 minute session. ~

~ Packages: Four-session packages are available for $460. ~


Inner Wisdom sessions are completely CONFIDENTIAL.


• Please feel free to call or email to schedule an initial 15-minute free telephone consultation to determine Hypnotherapy is a fit for you.  


• Factor an addition 10-minutes prior to first session to complete information/paperwork.


Payments are accepted in the form of Cash, Check, or Credit Card


**Kindly provide 24-hr notice for session change or cancellation.  To change or cancel an appointment please call 406•544•2486** 


Hypnosis Therapy


When one or more family members are experiencing difficulties, all family members are impacted. For this reason, sometimes it is helpful to conduct sessions with other members of the family present so that connections and dynamics in the family system can be more deeply explored and resolved. Initial session is 2 hours in length. Subsequent sessions are usually 1.5 hours in length.


Number of Sessions

Since each person is unique, the duration of sessions varies. Hypnotherapy is very direct in its approach. Some people can accomplish what they want in a single session; however it is more common and realistic to create full resolution within 3-4 sessions. Some long-standing issues require more extended duration, but can still be settled in short term therapy. Hypnotherapy is most effective with 1 week in-between sessions.

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