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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight, Hypnotherapy and YOU:  A Guide To Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

       Accelerate Your Weight Loss With Hypnosis!

The Weight, Hypnotherapy and YOU (WHY) Weight Reduction Program

  • Get Control Over What You Eat!

  • Get Control Over How You Eat!

  • Get Control Over Emotional Eating

  • Get Control Over Your Motivation to Exercise!

  • Get Control Over Your Mind With the Power of Self-Hypnosis















What You Receive in the Weight Loss Package:
  • Eight Hypnotherapy sessions with Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

  • Personalized weight reduction recordings, each 15-20 min in length.  During the program, the therapist will create personalized audio recordings to reinforce new resources within the subconscious mind.

  • WHY Program Client Handouts: These handouts include different assignments that reinforce specific cognitive skills related to successful weight control.  Each assignment contributes to your overall success!

An affordable option designed for clients looking to focus primarily on weight loss.  This program puts the control in your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise.  The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress and allow you to design your own hypnotic suggestions, allowing you to interact directly with your subconscious mind!  Incentives to succeed are built into the structure of the program, because you do not advance to the next step until you are successfully reducing your weight and shedding those excess pounds!  Once you have achieved a reduction of at least SIXTEEN pounds, you have all the tools and methods you need to continue the program on your own, or, if you prefer, schedule additional sessions.

*Note: to participate in this program, it's recommended to be under a medically supervised or physician-approved dietary/nutrition plan combined with a suitable exercise regimen.

The Eight Hour-Long Sessions

Session 1 Interview, overview of the program, and an introduction to hypnosis

Session 2 Reframing Compulsive Eating: Explores some of your subconscious motives behind overeating and helps change cognitive patterns.

Session 3 Training in Self-Hypnosis: Learn how to enter hypnosis anytime you want to or anytime you need to.  A very useful skill!  Also, learn the basics beneath the art of suggestion.

Session 4 Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management:  Teaches tools to curb the eating for comfort that sometimes accompanies stress.  Also, learn effective hypnosis techniques for changing your mood or state of mind at any time.

**After session 4, you will schedule each subsequent session when you have reduced your weight by at least 4 pounds.  Once you reduce your weight by four pounds, schedule the next session right away.  You are in charge, so you work at your own pace.  You don’t advance to the next step until you are ready and actually losing weight.

For each of the following sessions you’ll receive a customized recording of the hypnotherapy portion of that session.  Listen to the recording as often as you wish to reinforce and enhance your progress.

Session 5 Making Sensible Food Choices: A session focusing on choosing healthful, nutritious, and slenderizing foods.  The hypnotherapy portion will be recorded for you to use on your own at home.

Session 6 Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food: Another recorded hypnotherapy session that sets you up to eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full. 

Session 7 Boosting Motivation to Exercise: A recorded hypnotherapy session that res up your motivation to exercise.

Session 8 Pulling it All Together for Lasting Results: A recorded hypnotherapy session that encourages you to take your mindset into the future so that the changes you’ve made are lasting.



~ Package of 8 Sessions & Included Materials $600. ~


Inner Wisdom sessions are completely CONFIDENTIAL.


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