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Providing quality Hypnotherapy to Missoula

Although I had been involved in therapy on and off during the years, hypnotism was not something I had considered.  When I learned Clark Patton was doing hypnotherapy I was intrigued.  Clark is an amazing individual I know personally, so I felt more comfortable exploring hypnotherapy with him as I had confidence in his personal integrity as well as his sincere interest in natural wellness.


Recently I was facing a new situation for me that brought up a number of triggers and deep emotions.  I was concerned that I was not able to be effective in this new situation due to the ties it had to my personal life.  I discussed my concerns with Clark, and we talked about hypnotherapy as a possible way to address my concerns.


Clark took the time to ease my concerns and take inventory of what I specifically wished to address.  We focused on addressing the immediate concerns as well as possible future applications of what I learned.  I was very aware of what was going on throughout the entire process and I always felt like I could stop the process if I felt the need.  The whole experience was surprisingly comfortable, relaxing and refreshing.  I had an immediate application related to the hypnotherapy session the following day and I could not believe the difference in how I handled the situation.


-Sharon M. Plettner, Attorney-at-Law

After battling 9 months of burn-out, depression, and severe anxiety I had exhausted the idea therapy would work for me.  When Clark introduced me to hypnotherapy I was nervous and skeptical.  I thought hypnotherapy was a passive process in which a practitioner implants ideas and thoughts into your head to correct actions or behaviors.  My old perception could not have been further from the truth.  Clark taught me that hypnotherapy is a practice of self exploration into the subconscious in which the practitioner works with you as a guide into this realm where the majority of our thoughts and actions originate. 


After the first few sessions I started to notice drastic improvements in my mood, thoughts, behaviors, and energy level.  My world seemed to brighten with newfound enthusiasm for life.  Exploring with Clark the shame that bound me to the negative self-defeating thinking and behaviors created a new space for change.


I strongly believe my success came from being open to the exploration process.  Hypnotherapy has opened my energy for tremendous healing and growth.  I am grateful to have worked with such an empathetic, compassionate, and non-judgmental practitioner who helped me open my mind to the endless possibilities of intrinsic self healing.



Registered Nurse

At first I was skeptical, when I heard the word hypnosis I thought of the entertainers and stunts you see in movies.  However, when I began working with Clark I realized hypnotherapy was something else entirely.  Hypnotherapy allowed me to open up and explore portions of my mind I had closed off long ago. 


During the session, you are in complete control of your progress and the journey you take; it isn’t like going to a psychiatrist where you are simply looking at the surface.  Working with Clark, I delved into the root of what I wanted to work on, and the outcome created positive change in my life.  I would highly suggest hypnotherapy to anyone who is looking for a different approach.


-Kayleigh Blair

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