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Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

Become the non-smoker you have always wanted to be!

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  • When it's done right, stopping smoking is not an act of will-power, but a change that's easy and manageable

  • Join the ranks of individuals who have successfully put tobacco behind them and embraced life as happy, healthy non-smokers

  • Sessions are customized for each individual to create the most ideal approach



Overview of a stop-smoking session:

  • The non-smoking session is generally structured as a 90 min - 2 hour session, where the client is effectively set up by the end as a non-smoker.  For some, this transition is too abrupt and better set up as a few sessions spaced a week apart.   Whether it is the all-at-once transformation that suits some, or something more gradual that is better for others, people tend to have a sense of what is most realistic for them beforehand.  Know what is best for you!

  • Cost: A single stop-smoking session is $130. A person can do multiple sessions one at a time for $100, or a package of 4-sessions for $460. 

  • Clients are always well prepared for every portion of a session before it happens.  First, I get an exact sense of what this smoking-pattern looks like in their life.  As the session progresses, clients comfortably dive into deeper and deeper levels of hypnosis so the subconscious mind can readily absorb ideas that are helpful and useful... until eventually they are automatic.  As always with hypnosis, it is a state of consent.  

  • For many, stress is a significant contributor to their smoking habit.  Within the session, the client learns self-hypnosis methods to effectively navigate this fight-or-flight response so they can be realistically successful and well-prepared.

  • It is very common for automatic patterns like smoking to be linked with other parts of the subconscious (emotions, memories, learned behaviors, body functions, and belief systems).  Usually when clients create transformation into becoming a non-smoker, there is a positive, profound ripple effect into other areas of their life.

  • What makes hypnosis unique as a method for stopping smoking is that the change is focused internally (as opposed to external replacement methods, patches, etc..).  While in hypnosis, a person's mind is much more free to focus on the task at hand, their thoughts align in an extremely positive way, and they make permanent transformations much easier and faster.  

  • To Prepare: It is very helpful to envision / imagine how all aspects of your daily life will be different as a non-smoker.  The more positive emotion you attach to this, the better prepared you will be for the session.

  • I'm always happy to answer any questions you have about sessions / the process!  

I am updating my review. It will be 3 years in August 2018 since i have stopped smoking. No Cravings no nothing. Thank You so much Clark you are the best. I have been telling all my friends about you.

-Bob C


I'd really like to help others who are struggling w/cigarette smoking----to know there is viable help.  It's easy to despair that there is no way out of nicotine, but there is!

-Bonnie E

I moved to Missoula five years ago. I had been smoking cigarettes for over forty years. I knew I had to do something because of my health. I tried everything. I bought patches, gum, even went to the doctor and got a prescription. Nothing worked. A friend of mine told me to try Hypnotherapy. I was skeptical at first, but I made an appointment with Clark. Clark even told me it might take more than one session. I am happy to report after one session I left the office with no cravings for a cigarette. It has been four years. I feel 100% better health wise. Thank You, Clark, you are the best. Do yourself a favor if you are trying to quit make an appointment. It will be the best decision you ever made.

-Roberta B.

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